look into meWELCOME TO: simplesampling.com

I am Manolo Munez and I will be your guide through these pages. First let me explain that "simplesampling" is just the name of the site and what you won't find here is a gang of toughs ranting about their rights to rob the empties from Dean Martins grave, nor will you find any girly-boys wetting themselves over Sainsbury's deli counter free nibbles policy.

Not at all, for this site is dedicated almost entirely to the teachings of Dr B.V. Asswani and most of all to the works done under his guidance by HOT AIR and various other half enlightened pupils such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Dummy Run and Stahlgren & Ferguson. And in case you are curious, our stand on "sampling" IS "simple": The powers that be made the samplers, The powers that be sold us the samplers, The powers that be will have to live with the consequences ( see U.S. gun laws for a further example )

Its early days yet, and we hope you will stick with us as we attempt to grapple with the already obsolete technology that is the Unternet and bring to you the information you have sought for so long. Information, until now, drip fed to you by the various well-meaning but only half informed sites that have been your signposts along the way. Let us raise our hats to those that were bankrupted and possibly seriously injured keeping a very dim flame burning all over the WWWorld. snif!

The bulk of this site can be accessed by clicking on the nav-bar above , if you click and nothing happens, don't worry, there's probably nothing there yet, if you are the patient sort, please return in a few days, if not, we understand, the world today has many other pleasures and only a small percentage of them involve pressing things with the index finger.

well first lets catch up, whats new? and what has come spurting out of the HOT AIR vents in recent months??

a new online shop using PAYPAL. hurry! we have mouths to feed. where you can buy direct from HOT AIR at the best prices available to plastic card carrying man or woman.

Last release by Hot Air was Carbondating by Small Rocks, a full length lava flow currently gaining some recognition for its leveling of all stylistic dwellings in its path:





just before that was a couple of 3 inchers of dubious origin....................

YES! down here....

head down the pan for further information.

yes, its been a long time since the last release.
To encourage us back into the game and to get new releases
off the ground in 2008 either go to the shop and buy
something or email us with messages of support or
indignant rants about how you are still buying REAL musical
products and are the one person on this planet who doesn't
grab all his/her music for free from:
If you are that person, then we humbly apologize for not
encouraging your antique lifestyle by going bankrupt
releasing loss making Bizarre artifacts. Very sorry but we couldn't
hear the music over the sounds of our stomachs rumbling.


THIS and other news