by The Rip-Off Artist
5 inch Compact disc,full colour card wallet, catalog no= airsick 004 barcode= 5 029385 16124 8
what? = "A very fine 14 track CD by Mr. Matt Haines, this is nothing like the 7" release Why Do Birds Sing? also out on Hot Air, it contains NO whistling and instead sways back and forth between highly electrical surge spike rhythms and perfect serene electro-dub, quite often within the same track. The rest of the CD has a catchiness all its own, sound so clean you can eat off it and more rhythmic twists, morphs and mutations per track than the wildlife surrounding Sellafield Power Plant. Definitely a Brain of two halves." The Rip-Off Artist has now been lured away from the Hot Air camp by both Mille Plateau and Kid 606 for his Tigerbeat label.... proving once again that the far-flung lands where Hot Air so nonchalantly stroll , other labels will eventually follow.. We expect he will return to the hot air camp sometime soon, quite possibly in a special collaboration with one of Hot Airs other BIG BRAINED artists''

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This guy is far too good, he must be eliminated before he puts us ALL to shame.