Stock, Hausen & Walkman
Oh, My Bag! CD/LP
cat: QRM CD010 & QRM LP010
1. Why? 2. Empty Box 3. Weedy 4. Glass Box 5. Flies 6. Hoots 7. Rash 8. Schmink 9. Cheeky 10. Even 11. Crumbs 12. Tokyo 13. Pre-Fab 14.Cube 15. Trick Piano 16. Ice Box 17. Syrup 18. Farfisa

first 300 of the vinyl version of this Album were in clear vinyl, the other 700 were in normal black, due to the ridiculous cost of the fold out poster sleeve that the vinyl was packaged in 1000 was all that was ever pressed, making both colours almost equally rare. Whereas Organ Transplants volume 1 was so retrogressive it influenced an entire generation of mouldy vinyl splicers, this follow up album was so forward looking that its influence is YET TO BE seen anywhere! .... but WHY WAIT? just grab this item (on CD of course, we'll let you know if we can ever afford to reprint the vinyl) and revel in its blind stumbling determination to get into a party its not invited to and that its far too well dressed for.....

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