AIRMILE71: dummy run: five-a-side EP : : side a-elocution-zombies-organ transplant-traladida-shout at me-snickers : side b-skittles-jolly holiday-popgun-chocky

AIRMILE72: janek schaefer: recorded delivery : : side a-evening 28/03/95 : side b-morning 29/03/95


AIRMILE73: henri chopin: alphabet et glotte : : side a-alphabet et glotte (part 1) : side b-alphabet et glotte (part 2)
AIRMILE74: semiconductor: minimall EP : : side a-decimal-obstacle corpse-minimall-ruth sings gabba : side b-catwalk-yes you are right
AIRMILE75: speedranch & janski noise: monkey-bagpipe demonstration EP : : side a-discovery, cleaning, disection and construction-home recordings: side b-first and last live performance,doncaster university-careful disposal of the instrument
AIRMILE76: stock, hausen & walkman: hang ups EP : : side a-sphincter-fistycuffs : side b-ici big jim-compere-sore throat

AIRMILE77: gino robair: new dimensions in styrofoam : : side a-cup 1-cup 2 : side b-plate 1-plate 2

AIRMILE78: vomit lunch & stock, hausen & walkman: unskilled vegetarian remould force : : side a-total pointless guidance mix : side b-tiny blast mix-soundtrack to karahi lunch runs remake
AIRMILE79: birmingham: the lucy parr 7 : : side a-broken spokes-destroy-whistlers mother : side b-sick boy joe-parabolic nerve
saludos! AIRMILE710: los sampler's: descarga mecano : : side a-descarga mecano (version muy diferente) : side b-demasiado funcional (version diferente)
AIRMILE711: stahlgren & ferguson: the unruly guts (peristaltic sounds in gastrointestinal obstruction: a self diagnosis tool) : : side a-intro & physics-normal sounds in the gastrointestinal tract-pyloric obstruction-pitch relationships & sphincteric incompetance-abnormal peristalsis-discernibly distended-adhesions : side b-large intestinal obstruction-constricted transverse colon
AIRMILE712: the rip-off artist: why do birds sing? : : side a-whatever lola wants-the girl from ipenema-ask fingo : side b-sofa king-comin' home baby-bang trim