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At the insistance of Dr B. V. Asswani the Medical Milestone series was begun late 1999. As the series continued on into 2000 the drain on Hot Air funds was immense and it's reputation as a purveyor of marginal "obscurities" was enhanced to such a degree that the floodgates opened and thousands of demo's were being received every month at the office postbox, unfortunately the esoteric content of most of these submissions was nil and the label still has to rely upon recommendations from Dr Asswani himself and a campaign of "special incentive free" commissions sent out to artists already proven in the field.

the 12 seven inch Extended Play releases in this series can be viewed here

also available in the 5 inch compact disc form:

MEDICAL MILESTONES BY Various Artists on the Hot Air Roster

Contains selections from the first 12 genre-busting Medical Milestones 7" vinyl releases, a series dedicated to the shrinkage of inflamed vinyl and painstakingly put together, and contributed to, by Matt Wand. Also contains some tracks (and versions of tracks) not released on the original vinyls due to restriction of space. Also a couple of extra bonus tracks from Japanese only releases thrown in just to confuse the issue." Artists include: Vomit Lunchs, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Los Sampler's, Semiconductor, Gino Robair, Janek Schaefer. Dummy Run, Speedranch & Janski Noise, Birmingham, The Rip-Off Artist, Stahlgren and Ferguson, quite definitely this series represents some of the boldest, the noisiest and the naughtiest of todays musical 'Outsiders'. Musicians mostly overlooked by 'The Media' in favour of those wearing the loudest ties, hiring the most expensive PR agencies and using the most redundant, uninspired and average musical forms. Each one of these artists has originated a form that will eventually be absorbed and diluted for mass consumption by other, less able, minds. In some cases it has happened already.

full colour card wallet, catalog no= airmile 003, barcode= 5 029385 16123 before its too late

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