mind your head!

by Richard Harrison
5 inch Compact disc,full colour card wallet, catalog no= airdale 011
barcode= 5 029385 16117 0
tracks = 12,

what? : possibly mr Harrisons finest non spaceheads hour. recorded 1997-1999 at DRONE HILL , south of a disused caravan site ( elevation 225) and north of a sheep wash ( elevation 238) at a point where electrified wires descend from the hilltops and meet. Mr Harrisons recordings made in drastically varying weather conditions and over three years use contact mics at the meeting point of the wires at the base of the hill. The results are near indescribable, sometimes sounding like Alvin Lucier , sometimes Merzbow or the Hafler Trio and even on one track close to being the best track that Microstoria never made...and all of this made by the actions of the weather on what is effectively the worlds largest Aeolian Harp.... hear the seasons vibrate by, jump out of your skin when a wind storm forces the wires into organic overdrive.... most highly recommended.

( click on the materializing caravans to see ghosts from DRONE HILL's former life as a holiday hotspot)

the price is right