catalog number: QRM CD000 & QRM LP000

1] Hairy Globe (2.22) 2] IKEA (2.29) 3] Stripper (3.55) 4] Deluxe (4.07) 5] New (3.12) 6] Pizza Hut (2.53) 7] Creeps (2.46) 8] Spoons (2.11) 9] Smoothy (8.15) 10] On Loan (2.45) 11] JellyWand (1.53) 12] Nipples (2.31) 13] Slack (4.44) 14] Mice (2.36) 15] Lemoncurd (3.21) 16] OOPS (3.11)

total duration: 53.19 english minutes

Recorded, Toured, Archived, Lost, Forgotten, Found, Played, Re-Recorded, Delayed, Binned, Salvaged, Varnished, Buffed Up, Cut Down, Compiled, Released, Hands Washed, 1997-2000 Compact Disk in gatefold sleeve with 8 page booklet insert & Vinyl Album in colour sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

click HERE to read answers to questions about the album asked by Ian Shirley ( official biographer of the RESIDENTS) originally meant for printing in Record Collector Magazine but due to our refusal to part with an original copy of THE ALLEN HAVEN ORGAN SHOW on PYE ( as a bribe to the rabid collector editor ) it was never printed..

In a recent interview in MOJO magazine, when asked what he was listening to in his car stereo that month, Matt Groening ( creator of The Simpsons) claimed to be earballing nothing but this album (and a little bit of Sol Hoopi's haiwian guitar) and admitted with no shame that he was a big fan of SH&W, proud to be given a rare thumbs up by one so near to the hearts and money of the public, we immediately sent him ( via his office ) a grateful sized package filled with other HOT AIR abherations... a reply was never received, not even a belching Homer keyring, The lesson being DON'T send cheap gifts to men who own global merchandising rights

only a few left

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