rumours that Matt Wand will be playing a special DJ set at THE CAPSULE on the evening of 29th MARCH 2002 are TRUE (listings/flyers mentioning Stock, Hausen & Walkman as performing that night are a vain attempt by the Capsule Crew to re-animate the dead and should be ignored).
rumours that the other guests on the bill are V/VM & TECHNO ANIMAL (we much prefered GOD) are TRUE..
rumours that this CAPSULE venue is somewhere in THE CUSTARD FACTORY in Digbeth, Birmingham are TRUE.

rumours that Matt Wand will be performing a live set at the Royal Festival Hall ( London ) as part of the ETHER plunderphonia night on the 4th of MAY 2002 are also TRUE, more details when we get them.

rumours that you can book: Matt Wand/ Small Rocks/ Stahlgren & Ferguson/ Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu etc.. for LIVE events by contacting : are TRUE.
rumours that Stock, Hausen & Walkman have gone off are true,
rumours that there will be a PayPal method of purchasing direct from HOT AIR via THIS website are NOW COMPLETELY TRUE see HERE.
rumours that special VERY limited edition releases will be available ONLY from this site might take root. Only TIME will tell.
rumours that the first of these releases will be a special 3 inch CDR of collaborative Radio by People Like Us & Matt Wand are in the air, but yet to be substantiated.