by Small Rocks
5 inch Compact disc,full colour card wallet, Released on HOT AIR, 28th January 2002
catalog no= airbrick 008 barcode= 5 029385 16127 9 tracks = 13,
1) Portable Theme For Granyte Works plc 2) Ronco 3) Muchachos Gordos 4) Coprolites 5) Clodhopper 6) Rule of Thumb 7) Carbon Dated 8) Buzzardpump Cover-up 9) Stalacloose 10) Cosmetic Ray 11) Sedimentary 12) Some Minerals Have No Cleavage 13) Martian Housing Crisis
what? : Hard to pin down... Matt Wand returns under yet another pseudonym,, with a collection of tracks roughly hewn from the very rock beneath us... On the face of it this could be popular music, but popular music made by banging large rocks together, recording it into a computer and grinding the numbers until they resemble rough diamonds mixed with gravel. this is definitely ''Missing Link'' music... somehow succeeding in bringing together Primitive Space Rock, ''the Cut-up Beat Technique'', Laptop Distress & the Archeology of Ancient Video Games..... and more importantly getting them all to talk to each other.. This record is possibly also the missing link between the Totally Misunderstood pioneering past of Stock, Hausen & Walkman and the Absolute Unrepentant Future of Mr Wand.. As the title '' Carbondating'' suggests this album has many layers of compressed noise history, it sounds quite Unforgivingly Modern but every once in a while a small piece of the Barbaric Musical past will erupt upwards and present itself for the listener to test his Anachronism Spotting capabilities. This is your average Anal Record Shop Assistants perfect filing Nightmare, should it go under '' Pre-Savant Post Rock'' ? or ''HIP CLIP 'n' BIP-HOP''? or '' Happy Nihil-Reggae''? maybe '' ElectroCranial off-Beat Jugglers'' ? or perhaps '' Primitech Bitch Hoe-Down '' well perhaps ''New Releases'' would do for a start and after that just file under ''Hot Air'' the home of the un-organisable and the un-reviewable.. Apologies if all this makes the record sound as hospitable as the surface of Mars after the Americans have made sure there are no ''Terrorists'' lurking there either... Its NOT like that at all , This Record Swings, it Hops, it burns bright like Nicky Lauders Hot Hairpiece, it IS THE CAVE in which several species of small furry animals Grooved with that Pict!!! it's a Nasty piece of work very Nicely done... Matt Wand is a Musical Mountianeer caught in a stylistic Avalanche , He will reach the top, we just don't know when or how.. Meantime the view from this ledge is vertigo inducing..
bag your rocks today!
first release of 2002 on my way
other news: the release of NANOLOOP 1.0 on the DISCO BRUIT label, a compilation of tracks by various artists using the nanoloop software cart for the good old Nintendo Game boy. The reason we mention this is it contains one track by Stock, hausen & Walkman , a fine nanorock track which will probably be the last ever appearance by SH&W on record.
visit here for more information ( on the compilation that is.... not the demise of SH&W .)