by Stahlgren & Ferguson
3 inch (80mm) Compact disc, catalog no= airdry 007
barcode= 5 029385 16126 2
tracks = 9, duration = 20 minutes 39 seconds

what ? = The follow up to THE UNRULY GUTS, which (astoundingly for recordings of the insides of peoples bowels) was the second best seller of HOT AIRs ground-breaking and trend starting MEDICAL MILESTONES 7'' series. Early in 2001, Dr Stahlgren & Dr Ferguson were asked by OMAG MAGNETIZING SYSTEMS to apply their expertise in 'diagnostic sound recording' to various problems encountered in the Magnetic Ink Numbering System used to mechanically sort virtually ALL of the paper cheques passing through the World Banking Systems today. Having spent over a month recording every aspect of the Printing, Magnetizing, Reading and Sorting process various recommendations where made and the Doctors found themselves with many hours of quite eerie tape recordings capturing, microscopically, the analog details of a process that, even in this digital age, the world economy still relies on. Not wishing the stunning results to go to waste or unheard by the general public, they have (with some artistic license, editing and processing) created this amazing audio journey. It is almost literally the journey of money from your pocket, all the way to the coffers of one of the worlds largest banks. Hot Air is alive, With the sound of MONEY!!!!!!!

by Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu (with Group Uang Wayang of Palembang)

3 inch (80mm) CD,
catalog no= airdresser 006 barcode= 5 029385 16125 5
tracks = 12, duration = 21 minutes 45 seconds
what? = Recorded on the shores of Lake Toba, 1981, this is a CD re-issue of an indonesian album released on Cassette Tape only in 1982. The composers Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu chose as the subject and inspiration for the music, quite tragic and horrific events during the first few years of Indonesian independence. The theme of the album seems to be the tremendous struggle of enlightened and 'OPEN' culture, engaging and absorbing outside influences, whilst being viciously oppressed by the conservative and 'closed' culture that holds power and wishes to keep that control at any cost. The actual music is a scarily childish mix of nursery-rhyme gamelan, indonesian style pop and early 80's electronic processing and sampling. Somehow it treads a triangular path between 23 Skidoo, Val Doonican & Harry Partch

MATT WAND -oneandahalfvoltmusic
3 inch (80mm) Compact disc, catalog no= airpocket005 barcode= 5 029385 16116 3 tracks = 1,
duration = 21 minutes 34 seconds

what? = its the CD version of a fully battery powered soundwork/composition/ infinite symphony called 1 & a Half VOLT MUSIC by Matt Wand.. the piece uses a dozen pocket game machines (Gameboys) programmed to generate permutations of the composers score which was structured using the rules of the game TETRIS ( ie: as gaps appeared in the music the score is adapted to fill them).... the project continues the artists long standing interest in totally portable and cheap noise/music making apparatus,. The CD comprises of about 9 sections taken sequentially from live recordings made during the day of the first performance at The Holden Gallery, Manchester, May2nd 2001. Despite the dry art installation premise, its an engrossing listen as the open acoustics of the space merge and rebound the 8 bit sounds until they turn from tinny to brassy and several of the machines decide they are actually Bass Clarinets???all three in stock...

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